Animated Feature Film

After launching the ERN online virtual world  with the original series of film shorts in 2009 (shown below) and followed by more interactive online toys in 2013, the first Shred Games feature length 2D animated family film, "Shred Games: The Legend of KID Z," is now in development. Stay tuned!

Original Series

of Film Shorts

These Film Shorts first appeared on the "Eccentric Racing Network" virtual world for kids. This project was done in conjunction with KPBS, San Diego Public School Teachers,  CHEA Home Educators Association of California, and the USD Character Education Center.



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Shred Games: RV

Shred Games: RV

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Shred Games: Smokescreen

Shred Games: Smokescreen

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Shred Games: Fast Earnie

Shred Games: Fast Earnie

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Shred Games Apparel

Flipside Threads has designed a collection of Shred Games Brand T-shirts  for adults and kids inspired by alternative sports, music, art, and the animated film.

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Shred Games Tees

Interactive Games

Shred Games RV Deck Creator!

We are relaunching the Shred Games RV Deck Creator! New HTML5 Online version coming soon! And we'd love your input!

We built the original version of this game as a flash game that was hosted online for several years. Please check out the video and take our survey. We'd love to get your suggestions of how we might add new features and ways  to use the game to promote the release of the animated film online and on mobile devices!


Survey - Give us your ideas for the Updated Game:

  • Add a feature so that I can share my art with friends.

  • Add a feature so that I can purchase a real skate deck with my art.

  • Add a feature so that I can purchase a fingerboard with my art.

Email us your suggestions at

Email us more suggestions at


Our Story? 
Sometimes you've

got to live it to

believe it.

The RV film project has been a labor of love since 2014, but the heart and drive to start this project and the  pieces that were developed for it began much earlier back in 1993 with a paper maches sculpture created for an Alien Workshop skateboard graphic.


 In time, we will  put together the story of our journey and the faith and perseverance that has been a part of our endeavor. In the meantime, enjoy the original ERN Film Shorts

Best to you and your family!

-Lynne Ruttkay